About Us

You are what you eat!

Now you have a choice to eat healthy! Specially, if you are in sickness the healthy eating choice will lead you into the vital path to wellness...

There are many different types of foods in the world, during the time of Sultanian ERA India use to be much bigger than today, we identify that India as Greater India. In that ERA the taste of food emerge from Arabian and European tradition that's why today South Asia, consists most healthy and tasty foods. However during the last decade our food value has been altered by preservative, tasting salt and food coloring in order to eliminate expensive herbs and spices.

“It's our promise that we will never add any toxic food color, chemical preservative or harmful tasting salt. “

Ayurveda Restaurant

 We have come up with a very simple menu which has very delicious and healthy food option preferred by most common people around the world. However if you are creative minded we admire your value, please do not hesitate to ask your request. We will be delighted to serve your request with our principal value.


We are a Natural wellness food service. It's our vision to incorporate natural from agriculture to kitchen table every step of the way making sure everything is natural, chemical and toxin free food value